About Me

Hello! My name is Ashley and I am an artist and illustrator from North Texas.

Being able to draw since I could hold a pencil, I preferred the world of fantasy and creativity over sports and school dances. With a passion for character design and illustration, I am always knowledge hungry for more, so I can incorporate it into my work and speak my mind wordlessly with crazy characters and the worlds I imagine in my head. The subjects of my work lie in the realm of fiction and fantasy, with a touch of the surreal.

In my free time I like a good video game, jogging, reading, playing with my Corgi, Bunny, and drinking too much espresso.





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Upcoming Events:

  • Animefest: Dallas, TX; August 16-19, 2019

  • STAPLE! Independent Media Expo: Austin, TX; October 12-13, 2019